Welcome to Creekside, situated on 10 acres along the Rideau Creek which is hidden through the stand of limbed up spruce and pine trees.

Before retirement, Christine managed the propagation department for the largest perennial nursery on the West coast and Kevin operated heavy equipment on the local mountains. They used all their honed skills to create their little paradise here at Creekside.

In 2013 they fell in love with a hay field and purchased the property. It took two years before they could build their home.  The gardens started slowly after that but once COVID hit, they had a lot of time on their hands. They took on some of the structural projects beginning with the shop building, rail fence & arbour, next came along the gabion stone wall and slate walkway with new gardens to follow.

Since the area is large, they needed to focus on making the gardens large so they could stand out, not an easy feat for someone used to small yards. The placement of the two bigger beds hide the two well heads. The tall birdhouse covers one and the other is tucked behind a huge juniper bush. Lately they have been focusing more on establishing gardens for the four seasons. They also planted a field of sunflowers for their feathered friends. Coming up this season will be an experimental cut flower garden in the field and hopefully a corn patch.

This garden will feature the works of Mag Artists Katharine Fletcher and Lorraine Delangis.