Welcome to Waldie Woodworks, our hobby shop on Rideau River Road.

The shops provide us a facility to indulge in our passion for the building, restoration and collection of wooden boats. In the shop we have built sailboats, canoes and kayaks as well as restored Cedar canvas canoes and vintage runabouts – many of which are at the shops when not in use.

It is also where we store and maintain our collection of ‘60s Volkswagens – some restored, some “in progress” and some just rusting into “field art”!

In addition to our own interests, we enjoy working with friends on their woodworking or boatbuilding projects. Our friend, and Merrickville neighbour, Blair, has just completed the construction of two strip built kayaks that he started in the shop in January of this year.

Additionally, during spring break in March, we hosted eight young “Campers” from Camp Outlook based in Kingston. Together we began construction of  a plywood kayak and a skin on frame canoe and these are both at the shop in different phases of completion.